The Civil War Memory Game

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The Civil War of 1861–1865 remains one of the most dramatic events in American history. This memory game features 36 images of some of the war’s most intriguing figures, including politicians, poets, soldiers, and spies. Instructions for play are printed on the bottom of the sturdy, reusable box, which neatly stores cards between games and includes a 40-page information booklet with details about the featured artwork.

Sample biographies:

Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865, USA)
Lincoln sought to prevent the United States from dissolving as Southern states seceded from the Union shortly after his presidential election. As commander-in-chief, he redefined and extended the war powers of his office, declared the emancipation of slaves in rebellious states, and held together a fractious cabinet to achieve victory.

Belle Boyd (1843–1900, CSA)
A Confederate spy, Boyd gathered information through artful eavesdropping on Union troops and got the information to Southern forces—famously warning Stonewall Jackson’s troops to cross certain bridges before Union troops destroyed them. Captured three times by Union forces, she was freed each time after brief imprisonments.

72 colorful, 2½ in. square cards (36 pairs)

Box size: 3 x 3 x 4¼ in.

This item is published with the Library of Congress.

CautionWARNING: Choking hazard—small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years.

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