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Come in on a whim and stay for the day!

Tucked amongst the pilings of an old stone storefront in Chester, CT, built circa 1909, our shop is a grotto brimming with a hoard of hidden gems fit to make you feel fabulous. Our selections include everything from women's clothing and accessories, jewelry, home decor, to baby items, puzzles and games-- the fantastical frills are endless! Stop in to peruse all the whimsical wonders.


Women's Apparel & Accessories

Dress it up or dress it down there is something for everyone to wear on the town! Our women's apparel & jewelry selection includes a number of your favorites-- from glamorous 24k gold jewelry of Julie Vos to the comfortably chic Habitat Clothing. Whether you're a girlie girl, a tomboy or somewhere in between, we've got you covered!


  Apparel & Accessory Brands:

Firefly, Habitat, Jess & Jane, Julie Vos, Joy Susan, Liv by Habitat, Zaket and Plover, & Others


Baby Clothes & Toys

Nestled amongst the goodies for you, we have ones for baby too! In our new room off the main floor, you'll find cuddly whales filled with tall tales and sweat little sweaters good for any weather. It is hard not to fall in love with all the charming treasures for the little tots. 
Dress them in our cute collection of organic cotton from Milkbarn. Weather through any mess and make clean up a breeze with our selection of silicone products by Bella Tunno. There is so much to love!


  Baby Brands & Products:

Bella Tunno, Milkbarn, PLUS books, puzzles, stuffed animals, & more!